deeterflow Automatic Liquid Dispenser

The deeterflow® Liquid Dispensing Systems deliver a measured volume of liquid at the request of a user, with great precision of ±1% of dispensed volume.

There are three deeterflow® systems: the Automatic Liquid Dispenser, Liquid Dispenser and Low Volume Liquid Dispenser.

The deeterflow® Automatic Liquid Dispenser has an integrated pump to ensure measured volumes of liquid between 0.20 liters and 100.00 liters in increments of 0.01 liters can be delivered at the push of a button. Once calibrated and set up the user only has to select volume, press a button and the dispenser delivers the required volume with no further operation.

The deeterflow® Liquid Volume Dispenser dispenses volumes between 0.10 liters and 100.00 liters and can be incrementented in steps of 0.01 liters.

The deeterflow® Low Volume Liquid Volume Dispenser is designed for smaller volumes of liquid, and dispenses between 0.025 liters and 10 liters and accurately measures volumes over a flow rate range of between 0.2 and 2.5 liters/minute.

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Liquid Dispenser