Low Volume Liquid Dispenser

The Low Volume Liquid Dispenser will deliver a measured volume of liquid at the press of a button. The operator selects a volume, presses a button and the Low Volume Liquid Dispenser delivers the required volume without further operator intervention.

The Low Volume Liquid Dispenser dispenses between 0.025 litres and 10 litres and accurately measures volumes over a flow rate range of between 0.2 and 2.5 litres/minute.

The Low Volume Liquid Dispenser has two John Guest Speedfit® push-fit connectors for fluid in and out. These take a tube with outside diameter of 8mm. Wetted surfaces are nylon, PTFE, Buna and acetal, making the Low Volume Liquid Dispenser suitable for a wide range of fluids.

Operator controls consist of a three-button keypad and a liquid crystal display. The display shows the selected volume and progress during dispensing. A number of additional features are available through the keypad, including pause and restart during dispensing, cancelling dispensing, and manual ‘top-up’ control.

An audio ‘beep’ options is provided to indicate when dispensing has stopped. Another audio option will produce ‘beeps’ if the flow rate is outside the limits for accurate volume measurement. These audio options can be enabled or disabled through a display menu and are save to non-volatile memory, so are restored to the operator’s preference after power-up.

Low Volume Liquid Dispenser is powered by a low-voltage supply, making it safe to use if liquid is spilt. A 12VDC mains socket adapter is supplied with each Dispenser.

The Dispenser can be connected to a PC for remote control and monitoring and is supplied with an easy-to-use software application that repeats the operator controls and displayed information.

Please Note: There must be a pressure differential between inlet and outlet for the liquid to flow. This version of the Liquid Volume Dispenser does not include a pump. Please click here to view the deeterflow® Automatic Liquid Dispenser, which includes an integrated pump.

Dimensions 175mm x 125mm x
Power supply 10-15VDC @ 500mA
12VDC mains
socket adapter supplied

Dispense Volume
0.025 L – 10 L in
0.001 L steps

Flow Rate Range
0.2 – 2.5 litres
per minute
Minimum inlet pressure 0.2 Bar Inlet pressure rating at 20 °C up to 10 Bar
at 65 °C up to 4 Bar
Dispense Accuracy(1) ±1% at constant temperature and flow rate Fluid Temperature Range(1) 0°C to +65°C
Fluid Connections 8mm OD, push-fit Suitable Tube Materials (2) Polyethylene, nylon and polyurethanePolyethylene,
nylon and polyurethanePolyethylene,
nylon, polyurethane, brass, copper, mild steel
USB connection USB to serial
connection (Cable not Supplied)
Software/CD User Guide, Software
and Datasheet

(1) Potable water at 10C
(2) Potable water
(3) For soft or thin-walled tubing, tube inserts should be used

Download Low Volume Liquid Dispenser User Manual     Download Low Volume Liquid Dispenser Datasheet

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