The 30 Series Float Switch is a horizontally mounted liquid level sensor suitable for harsh environments. It has a self cleaning hinge mechanism and can be changed from Normally Open to Normally Closed operation to allow for sensing of high or low conditions by rotating the orientation of the body through 180°.


Ideal for use in Beverage, Automotive, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industries.

Deeter - Horizontal Liquid Level Sensors

Technical Data

Features include:

  • High Power Switching
  • Self cleaning hinge mechanism
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Wide operating temperature range
Part Numbers Material Thread size Switch contact ratings (Resistive load)
DE33-90A Nylon M12 90W/3A; 240v AC/200v DC
DE34-90A Polypropylene M12 90W/3A; 240v AC/200v DC
DE33-50A Nylon M12 50W/3A; 240v AC/200v DC
DE34-50A Polypropylene M12 50W/3A; 240v AC/200v DC

For Chemical resistance data contact the sales office.

Higher switch ratings available

Technical Data Nylon Polypropylene
Suitable specific gravity 0.7 0.7
Maximum Pressure 400KPa 400KPa
Operating Temperature -20degC ~ 80degC -20degC ~ 100degC
PVC Cable length 1000mm 1000mm
Weight 38g 38g


Fixing Hole size Torque Wall thickness (Max.)*
M12 Internal 12.5mm (Deburred) 6.8Nm 10mm

* For larger wall thicknesses contact the sales office for advice

Deeter - Horizontal Liquid Level Sensors

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30 Series
High Power moulded Horizontal float switch

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