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• Part Number: DE44-10C03
• Product Brand: Deeter

Download the 40 Series Datasheet.


This chart explains the the options within the Part number, please make sure you are ordering the correct item as per these codes.


Please note that the image may not match the displayed part number exactly.


A B ØD Hex A Fitting E
88 50 17.3 M16 Ø20.5


Fixing Hole Size Torque Wall Thickness max.
M16 ext. 23 2.7Nm 6mm
M16 int. 16.5 6.8Nm 10mm
3/8”NPT to suit 6.8Nm  
1/2”NPT to suit 6.8Nm  


Technical Data White PVC Black
Blue PPS Blue ABS
Suitable Specific Gravity
0.7 0.7 0.7 0.7 0.7
Maximum Pressure
200KPa 200KPa 200KPa 200KPa 200KPa
Operating Temperature
-20 to +65°C -20 to +80°C -20 to +80°C -30 to +125°C -40 to +125°C
PVC Cable length*
1 metre 1 metre 1 metre 1 metre 1 metre
Weight 35g 35g 35g 35g 35g


*other lengths available to order

2 - White PVC
3 - Black Nylon
4 - Grey Polypropylene
5 - Blue PPS
6 - Blue ABS
10 - 10 watts
50 - 50 watts
A - Form A is single pole single terminal
C - Form C is single pole double terminal*
01 - M16 int.
02 - M16 ext.
03 - 3/8” NPT
04 - 1/2” NPT

*Form C only available in 4 Watt rating Cable: 2 and 3 core 7/0.2mm PVC or High Temperature PTFE

Example: DE43-10A01 - describes an M16 internal mount Black Nylon sensor having a form A switch rated at 10 watts

DE4 plastic = 3 - switch rating = 15 contact form = A mounting = 01


Switch Contact
Ratings(pure resistive load)

“-C” option Form C SPDT contacts 4 Watts max. 60V DC max.switching
voltage 200V DC breakdown voltage 0.25A max. switching current
“-15A” option Form A SPST contacts Low power switching 15 Watts max.
240V AC max. switching voltage 0.3A max. switching current R 6 Horizontally
mounted miniature liquid level sensors
“-50A” option Form A SPST contacts High power switching 50 Watts max.
240V AC max. switching voltage 1.0A max. switching


Designed for external or internal tank mounting. The design provides a cost effective solution where high reliability in a demanding environment is called for. Available in UL/WRC listed PVC, Polypropylene, PPS, Nylon and ABS materials to permit use in most chemical and temperature environments. By rotating the body through 180° it is possible to sense for high or low conditions Coupled with a choice of switching options this design is ideal for food, automotive, petroleum, chemical and laboratory applications
* For other loads ie. capacitive, inductive or incandescent lamps please contact Deeter for advice.