Category LVCS


The LVCS is a liquid level sensor with a continuous analogue output. Voltage or current-loop output versions are available. For voltage output types, the standard ranges are 0-2V and 0-4V, with other ranges available on request. The current-loop output range is the industrial standard 4-20mA. A 0-20mA output option is also available on request.

The LVCS has one moving part; a stainless steel float, which passes over sensors in a stainless steel stem with a sensing resolution of 5mm It is designed to fit into a 21mm hole in the top of a tank, secured by an aluminium head. The standard head has a ½ inch BSP thread, for other threads or for fitting to pressured tanks, please call the sales office.

All fittings inside the tank are made from stainless steel 316L and are welded to make a tough and durable sensor. The LVCS therefore is ideally suited for use in food and petrochemical applications, and for use in harsh environments. It also has an IP rating of IP67.

Custom lengths can be made to order – call our sales office to discuss your requirements.

Due to the variability of components, the output may be non-monotonic. If this could cause a problem in your application, please call our technical sales department.

Download the LVCS Datasheet.