Category Leak Detector

The Controller provides an LED indication of wet or dry conditions
and will also detect a fault, should one occur, in the sensor cable. The
Controller provides three outputs (two SPDT relays and an open-collector
transistor) that may be used to directly drive pumps and alarms, or may be used
to interface to other equipment, such as Programmable Logic Controllers,
Building Management Systems, and dial-up alarms systems.

Power to the Controller can be from a mains supply (220-240VAC) or
a lowvoltage supply (10-24V), either AC or DC. Power to the Sensors is provided
by the 3-core linking cable.

The Controller is housed in a UL94-V0 flame retardant case that
will fit on a 35mm DIN rail. All inputs and outputs are via screw

Behind the Controller front panel is a bank of DIP switches that
allow a number of user-selectable options. The switches are visible through the
front panel but are only accessible with the panel removed, so cannot
accidentally be changed. Options include: assigning outputs to either a leak or
a fault condition; setting the relays to default to open or closed; selecting
outputs to latch so that they remain in the ‘wet’ state after a leak
has dried. A Reset button is provided for clearing latched outputs.

Controller Dimensions 90mm x 71mm x 58mm Sensor Dimensions 100mm (incl. cable glands) x 64mm x 40mm high
Controller Mounting 35mm DIN rail Sensor Probes Pair, stainless steel, M3 thread, 5mm long, 20mm
Mains Power Supply option 220-240VAC @ 20mA Low Voltage Supply options 10-32VDC @ 200mA
8-24VAC @ 200mA
Relay Contacts 6A @ 250VAC Open-Collector Transistor Output Internally limited to 50mA. Maximum pull-up voltage,
Maximum Number of Sensors per Controller tbd (>10) Maximum Sensor Cable Length Typically 2000m, depending on wire resistance (tbc)

Download the Leak Detector User Guide.

Download the Leak Detector Datasheet.