Category Leak Detector

Sensors come in an IP65 ABS enclosure and are simple to connect
using cable lengths to suit the installation. Screw terminals are provided for
the three wires in and the three wires out to the next Sensor in the chain.

This Sensor comes supplied with 5 meters of cable.

The Sensor enclosure is held off the floor by rubber feet with two
M3 threaded probes extending downwards to within 1mm of the floor. The probes
may be extended using the threads if required. The enclosure also has provision
for bolting the Sensors to the floor.

Sensor Dimensions 100mm (incl. cable glands) x 64mm x 40mm high Sensor Probes Pair, stainless steel, M3 thread, 5mm long, 20mm
Relay Contacts 6A @ 250VAC Open-Collector Transistor Output Internally limited to 50mA. Maximum pull-up voltage,
Maximum Number of Sensors per Controller tbd (>10) Maximum Sensor Cable Length Typically 2000m, depending on wire resistance (tbc)

Download the Leak Detector User Guide.

Download the Leak Detector Datasheet.