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  • Senses steel or iron objects
  • Totally sealed unit. No external magnet required
  • 2 wire device, no power required
  • Switches loads or signals directly
  • Ideal for automation and machine safety applications
  • Cable entry on either side or centre


  • Form A Switch.
  • 10W /100v DC /0.5A
  • Breakdown 150v DC min.
  • Cable 16/0.2mm PVC
  • Life of 106 operations
  • Wire length 300mm

Typical Specification

Airgap at operating point 6mm +/- 2mm
Airgap at release point 6mm +/- 2mm
Material Colour Operating Temperature
Nylon Black -20° to +80°C
Left side entry DE010-2-10A01
Right side entry DE010-2-10A02
Centre entry DE010-2-10A03

10 Series
10 Watts 1 piece Ferrous Proximity Switch