New Deeter Websites Serve International Markets


Featuring full product technical information, online ordering

and video channel


The Deeter Group, market leaders in the design, development and manufacture of electronic sensors and control systems, announce the launch of three new websites to increase their market presence in the major international instrumentation and process control markets.


The new websites focus on the UK – the USA – and Germany – and provide all  the product, application and ordering information customers require.


These new, easy to navigate websites are designed to simplify navigation to product information and feature online shopping. The redesigned sites reflect the company’s new direction, showcasing their innovative vertical level sensors and wireless sensor systems. With all the relevant information at visitors finger tips the new websites allow customers to select and order Deeter products.


“This redesign has a fresh feel which I think will appeal to a wide audience,” adds Deeter CEO, Peter Whiteaker. “The redesign and international reach is about building relationships with a new audience by making the sites interactive while at the same giving our long-term customers the information and service levels they have come to expect from Deeter. When overhauling the sites our designers intended them to be entertaining and simple with a user friendly approach.”

All the sites offer Google Translate, reducing language barriers. Clicking on the Video option from ‘The Company’ tab allows visitors to see the Deeter in action and watch company CEO Peter Whiteaker explain the history and new direction of Deeter Electronics and Engineering. The Deeter video channel will expand to offer videos of product testing to demonstrate why Deeter products have such enviable reliability and “how to” instructional videos for correct use of Deeter products.


The Deeter Group product range includes level sensors, complete wireless sensing systems, leak detectors, level indicators and control equipment, industrial weighing equipment, reed and proximity switches, boiler control equipment, litz and magnetic wire and termination assemblies. For more information on the Deeter Electronics range of sensing products call +44 (0)1494 566046 or visit

About Deeter Group:

The Deeter Group is a privately owned group of companies first established in the UK in 1982 and set up to provide electronic services and products to industry. The Group comprises Deeter Engineering Services Ltd, Deeter Weighing Systems, Deeter Electronics Ltd, Deeter Electronics Inc and Deeter International Ltd. During its existence it has developed from a small local supplier to a Group of companies which trade throughout the world. Deeter now lists among its customers many large international companies and has justly earned its reputation as a supplier of quality products and services.


Deeter Electronics was established in 1991 as a distributor of specialist electronic products. It now supplies a range of products to customers in the UK, mainland Europe, Asia and North and South America. In addition to some sensor products manufactured within the Deeter Group, Deeter Electronics is now either an agent or distributor for a number of market leading component Brands.



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Wireless Site Survey Tool

Wireless Site Survey Tool

When considering implementing a wireless sensor network or looking to extend an existing installation, one of the major concerns is getting the data to the required destination. Every site has a unique radio profile with signal strength being affected by a number of different factors. The Deeter Wireless Site Survey Tool will analyse that unique radio profile and identify if there are any problems with wireless propagation.

Easy to use, it allows users to test the radio link quality (LQI) and data transmission status at the desired sensor locations prior to installation. It will also determine if routers are needed and where they should be located to ensure signal integrity.

The WSST consists of a transceiver (Base Station) and transmitter (Sender) and is designed to be a vendor independent. It can be used to survey any site looking to implement or extend a wireless network with transmitters using any IEEE 802.15.4™ based protocol in the 2.4GHz ISM frequency band. In addition it can also be used to check Wi-Fi signal propagation.

• Simple to use
• Ideal for point to point and sensor network applications
• User configurable
• Base Station displays LQI and data packet information in real time
• Auto or fixed channel operation
• Range 1000 metres in ideal conditions (4000 metres in the US)
• Transmit power output selectable
• No software required
• Sender can also be used as a router

If you require more information on conducting a survey or would like more information on our Free Survey Service please call Deeter Sales 44(0)1494 566046 or email [email protected].